Course Support

There are a number of electrical courses available on the market today from short 3 day courses upto 3 year apprenticeships and everything in between, they all have one thing in common, lack of support! Hopefully time willing I will be bridging the gap here a little. I will of course add content as we go but if you require specific unit information then get in touch and I’ll try and prioritise what and when I put the information up.

NVQ Level 3 2357 Electrical Installation

I will also be writing a unit by unit description of the standards for the NVQ 2357, I know that there a number of candidates who are not completely sure how best to gather and collect the evidence for these units. The portfolio isn’t really that difficult it’s more inconvenient than anything else. I guess it’s more inconvenient simply because a.) you have to stop what you are doing at work to record different types of evidence. b.) You need to rely on others around you, if you have a really busy boss pinning him down for copies of risk assessments and method statements amongst other stuff can be somewhat challenging.