Review of Megger TPT320 and MPU690 Proving Unit

Megger TPT 320

First impressions last and the first impression I got from this piece of kit is that it’s a good quality product. One thing I really like about the Megger stuff is build quality, there gear always fills like it can withstand the average day to day punishment any clumsy sparks may have to offer it and this voltage indicator is no different.

The Megger TPT 320 is insulated to 1000V with a capability of displaying voltages upto 690V. The two pole tester has a generous viewing area with bright LEDs that add a nice feel to the user experience. The device is also capable of continuity checks and has a function for phase rotation. You also have the use of a bright LED torch for those dark hard to reach areas. Oh and did I mention it checks polarity too?

So lets sum up what this piece of kit can do:

  • It’s an approved voltage indicator
  • Continuity tester
  • Phase rotation tester
  • Performs polarity checks
  • Has a torch

Not a bad set of functions right? Right!

It’s all sounding like a 10 / 10 piece of equipment, however it does have a bit of an issue with the probe tips. See to meet the requirements of GS38 the probes can only have a maximum of 4mm exposed tip (2mm preferred)  so you get a couple of removable shrouds that cover up the excessively over exposed tips. You also get a couple of euro metal tips in the box. In some cases it’s just not practical to have the shrouds on the equipment, but when you remove them what do you do with them? Theres just nowhere to put them so I’ll break the news to you now you are going to loose care them! I’m on my third set already and that’s really the only problem with it, this part of the kits reasonably priced. So if Megger can come up with a way of storing these pieces within the product then it’s 10 /10 from me.

Megger MPU690 Proving Unit

The MPU 690 is a well built solid piece of kit. Proving output voltages from 50 – 690V it does exactly what it says on the tin. Size wise it’s one of the smaller units I have used and only needing 6 x 1.5v AA batteries compared to 9 or 10 in similar makes helps keep battery costs down. The unit does have a magnetic base so its great when working around metal CU / DB systems. The only negative is the price! It’s certainly a little trumpy although I did shell out and buy one without any buyers remorse setting in.

Summing up

Over all both items are good kit so much so that I have them as part of my tool kit. If you can handle the probe issue and the price then you won’t be disappointed!

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